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May 2021: Growing fast with new partnerships and products

May 2021: Growing fast with new partnerships and products

It’s been another busy month here at Inspace and the growth continues (quicker than we planned, but that’s the way we like it!). The learning continues too, as do the realities and pressures of running your own business, but we’re cracking on and making great progress every day.

We’ve struck up some amazing partnerships recently. Each one them has come from contacts we’ve built up over the years – real friendships we’ve invested in and nurtured.

We Train Limitless

We’ve established a global partnership deal with We Train Limitless who manufacture and supply the Limitless Free Trainer, Limitless Challenger, and several other products. The first thing I did a few months back was buy one for myself! Do I like it, and can we sell it? The simple answer to that, is yes! It’s a great piece of kit with a huge variety of exercise functions. It’s small, compact and allows me to work out at home and do most of my strength work as well as some funky HIIT sessions. Even the twins can use it (with a little spot from Dad!) Great product, great partnership and really looking forward to seeing where we can take this.

The 55

I’ve known Chris Leare, the inventor of The 55 (previously Battlebag) for quite a few years. His product has undergone 7 years of graft and development to find its home and real purpose. It really is a ‘hoofing’ (military slang!) bit of kit – a versatile training bag that’s progressive and regressive and allows you to train anywhere, in group sessions, PT sessions, or just at home in your garden. Top quality and proudly made in the UK. This bag will be used by the UK armed forces for testing and general training and we’re going to help them move it around the world, utilising our networks both in retail and commercially.

Steve Coleman

We’re really excited about our new partnership with Steve Coleman, celebrity trainer and all-round great guy. I’ve worked with Steve on projects for a few years now and have always wanted to create a real partnership with him that benefits us both – we get his knowledge and wisdom, and he gets paid! Steve is promoting all our retail products and is helping us with our social media content provision.

Working alongside our PR and marketing team at Holdens and our new internal Marketing and Retail Sales manager Sasha Burford, Steve will be driving sales of The 55, Limitless and all our other exclusive products to the retail market. On top of this, he’ll be doing in-house training for our commercial clients and helping us with product development. Some of Steve’s clients include Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Declan Donnelly and Ben Shephard. His six-week body transformations are amazing. I’m 10 days into one now and feeling motivated (and a bit peckish!).

This is what Inspace is built on – partnerships that benefit everyone and give our customers best value and great products.

2021 is about carrying on the build process. The pipeline for 2022 is a bit daunting, so it’s a good job the bank manager likes us!

See you all soon,

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