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We are still here!! And the doors are about to open.

We are still here!! And the doors are about to open.

Another month has passed, and we are still fighting fit. I was half expecting us to be scraping and scratching around to keep our heads above water and having lengthy discussions with each other about ploughing more money into the pot to keep us afloat. Fortunately, that’s not been the case! Not to say I ever for one minute doubted our idea or our capacity to deliver this project.

We have been building the network, the equipment portfolio, and signing new contracts with new manufacturers of products which we will be bringing to the party very soon, as well as some exciting launches and intro’s coming later in the month. I am truly excited!

One of the most exciting new partnerships we have is with a good friend and an amazing guy in his field. Steve Coleman is an incredible PT who has an incredible celebrity client base. He is also a nice guy (working on his banter!). We always said we would not work with people we didn’t like (irrelevant of the money involved) and he is an example of that. He’s an extremely talented trainer, shares great content and has some great connections. This is going to be a great partnership for both of us.

We have also managed to do some nice installs over the last month and have another couple of great sites we are delivering in April. Its amazing to know that people are putting their trust in us to deliver which we will carry on doing over the coming weeks, months, and years and I have absolutely no problem at all with that! You reap what you sow. It’s amazing to see people out there who consistently don’t deliver and yet people still go back for more… Let that never be us!

Challenges over the last month have been plenty and frustrating. Who knew someone would try and drive down the Suez Canal sideways!? Who knew Brexit would mean trying to get anything in and out of Europe would be like trying to find Phills wallet in a bar! And who knew juggling four bank accounts in three different currencies would be tricky! Still loving every minute of it though. We thought we would just be driving around selling stuff!!

Our inspiration for this business and journey remains strong and our passion is growing by the day. We decided recently that we could either continue to do the organic, relatively safe route (not that it has felt safe for the first few months by any stretch!), or we could go on the offensive! I am not one for sitting and waiting for someone to try and take you down. Its evident we are starting to make some amazing inroads and are already sat on some very big projects for 2022. We are going for it now. We must be doing something right as people are now talking about Inspace.

We are going over the top and running up the beach! In the words of my good friend Brian Wood MC - “Keep Attacking”! We will (obviously trying to frantically avoid all the incoming!).

We are recruiting across the UK for regional managers starting in the Midlands. We are ordering containers faster than we ever imagined and we are forecasting way into next year already. Go big or go home. Squeaky bum time!

Finally, I would like to wish all our industry friends, partners and even those we don’t like so much, all the very best for the coming months.

Most of all I would like to thank my business partner for keeping his head most of the time (apart from when he has a massive fall out with his sat nav or when his spell check lets him down in an email!). For someone who was described once as “A salesman and not a businessman!” (in possibly one of the most condescending discussions I have ever been a part of!) You have done OK Phil!

It’s been a very difficult 12 months for everyone, but let’s get back on it. Play nice and see you all very soon.

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