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Inspace is getting on the road for the summer!

Inspace is getting on the road for the summer!


I hope all our fitness industry friends and colleagues are all making some sort of steady recovery and things are getting back on a level? Let’s not kid ourselves….this is tough and will be taking a while longer yet!

 It seems most of our incoming enquiries, contacts and business is coming from the south of the UK? Seems a bit strange unless the North has mysteriously vanished while we have been side-tracked by those mischievous southerners! If you are in the south, I would still love to come say Hi (seeing as I am one of you!)

 I want to come and see how you are getting on. Maybe have a proper northern cuppa! See what plans you have for the future. Maybe just chat about the industry and what’s going on?

 For anyone that’s out there with a gym, spa, fitness centre, school gym, private club, local authority leisure centre or any other fitness facility. Are you up for a visit?

 I can tell you what we are up to and introduce you to what we are doing and where Inspace is going. No big sell! Just good old fashioned, friendly networking! Maybe you could hit me with some good honest feedback! Always good at the stage we are at.

 Send me a message, give me a call or email me and I’ll arrange to come say HI! (I might even get the costa’s in as I seem to have accrued a lot of points!!)

 Take care everyone and see you soon.



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