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For more than 50 years MILON has been developing and manufacturing electronically controlled and intelligent training equipment for fitness studios and health care facilities from around the world.

The digitally networked systems MILON offers an amazing solution for health orientated training that perfectly combines strength and mobility and is based on proven sports science and research. It is also targeted at all groups from beginners to athletes and rehabilitation to general strength training.

The MILON training philosophy is one of the few that exist that truly combines strength and mobility in a safe and intelligent way.


How does MILON work for you?

MILON will help you to create a unique training experience for your members that combines muscular development, flexibility, and mind training. With the modular design and digitally connected training worlds, MILON training offers customized solutions that combine quality of care, quality of provision and an overall amazing training outcome.

The products create highly motivational training experiences that will appeal to all age groups and target audiences. Whether you’re an ambitious beginner, a health orientated fitness enthusiast or a performance athlete, with MILON and its FIVE system your members can train easily, safely, and as effectively as possible at all times.


Why choose MILON

The MILON training approach and Training world is based around attracting and motivating more people from young to old and from beginner to experienced, to get involved and train more efficiently. This is surely everyone in the fitness and health industry’s goal?

More members, better results and better experiences. Is this not why all gym owners and providers do what they do? Combine this with more traditional training methodology to create an absolutely seamless and incredible experience for your users.

Everyone needs to exercise. Everyone gets older! WE are all getting more comfortable and are moving less! WE ALL want less physical limitations as we age so to achieve that we all need to train and train effectively, safely and efficiently.

For Over 50 Years MILON have strived to make this a reality. Now with Inspace on the team we aim to make this happen in the UK.

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