Interactive Solutions

Our Partnership

Inspace Fitness is proud to work with one of Europe’s best interactive fitness and gaming developers and manufacturers to bring you an amazing variation of our standard fitness offer.

Our Interactive Range gives users the chance to diversify their training whilst adding a fun, gaming element to their workout. Suitable for all ages and abilities, this range offers a multitude of applications, with options for both solo and group activities.

There are a number of ways you can invest in our Interactive Range, from simple acquisition to a partnership arrangement where profit share covers the whole cost of the purchase. Explore our products below and get in touch to find out more and discuss the possibilities.

The Products


iWall inspires users of all ages to get active and exercise. It comprises a diverse set of Exergames designed to improve fitness and co-ordination and to generally boost health and well-being. Used alone or with a friend, the iWall is ideal for any space such as gyms, hospitality, accommodation areas and schools.


runBEAT effortlessly combines running and group training in a fun, gamified programme. Gamification of training is becoming more popular across all age groups and offers an engaging alternative to the norm. Instant interactive feedback through a wall-based screen allows participants to sync with other users and take part in a heart rate focused workout activity.


Users can compete against their friends or workout buddies in this immersive cycling experience which monitors heart rate to provide instant and constant feedback. This product is a must for schools, gyms and any space where engagement, competition and fun are on the agenda.



rehabWall is a new Finnish rehabilitation product that contains a diverse range of rehabilitation exercises, touch screen console, wheelchair simulator and VR goggles.